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Freebirth is a free software bass synthesizer / step sequencer / sample player for the linux operating system.


The bass synthesizer has the following features:

The bass synthesizer is integrated with a step sequencer wich is also capable of triggering 5 other samples. In addition two effect busses (reverb and delay) are provided.


Freebirth is licensed under the GNU General Public License.



The current release is version 0.3.2.
Get it on the download page.

It has been tested on the following platforms:

Build requirements:



There is a directory called raw/ underneath the freebirth directory. This directory contains the samples that are loaded at startup. They are 44.1 khz 16 bits little endian PCM mono files in raw format. You can swap these files with new ones to give new sounds to the sample playing section of Freebirth. Just make sure that the files you replace them with are of the same name and same format mentioned above.

Mailing lists

Two mailing lists have been set up: Follow the links above for information on how to post/subscribe/unsubscribe or read the archives.

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